Rally Day 2023

Sunday, September 10, 2023 9:00 AM

Sunday School Rally Day, Sunday, September 10

Sunday School will kick-off with Rally Day on Sunday, September 10.

At 9:00 a.m., all children should arrive and enter the Fellowship Hall (downstairs) to sit with their class during the opening presentation. Following this, they will leave with their teacher and head to their classroom.

Our teachers are excited and are dedicated to bringing the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ to your children and youth. So bring your children and youth to learn about more and more about Jesus, so that they may commit themselves to following and serving Him. This will enable them to have life abundant here and eternal to come. 

Note: We have an adult class led by Bill Savering. Note, the Adult Class will start on October 1st, as Bill & Barb will be travelling. They are covering the “That The World May Know” series by Ray Vander Laan. It is a video series that takes you to various archaeological sites in the Holy Land and covers what happened there and the meaning of it for them and for us today. This series emphasizes the R side of our Evangelical & Reformed faith and heritage.

Join us on Rally Day, and every Sunday thereafter. Invite your family and friends to do so as well.

Rally Day Notes

At 10:15 a.m., all children should sit with their families in Worship. The following Rally Day events will take place during Worship.

Children who achieved faithful attendance throughout the previous year will be recognized.

These are (with number of years of faithful attendance):  Katelyn Allen (10),   Evan Arnold (15),   Jacob Doerr (4),   Jocelyn Doerr (2),   Micah Doerr (3),   Sadie Notter (1),   Wyatt Notter (1),   Alessandra Riemann (9),   Josephina Riemann (9),   Ella Weaver (8),   George Wolfmeier (5),   Isabelle Wolfmeier (6)   and Olivia Wolfmeier (3).

Bibles will be presented to our children who are entering the third grade. To our knowledge, they are: Drew KishPlease contact the church office if you are aware of other children entering third grade.

Our Confirmation class will be introduced to the congregation. Our 7th grader is:   Caleb Doerr.  And our 8th / 9th graders are: Katelyn Allen,  Wesley Hale,   Lucy Mehrtens,   Josephina Riemann,   and   Ella Weaver.    Please contact the church office if you are aware of any other youth who would be interested in Zion’s Confirmation class.

Sunday School Teachers will be installed.

Pre-K - K           - Jodi Notter   &   Joyce Tastad

1st & 2nd Grade - Marcia Twellman

3rd & 4th Grade - Debbie Doerr   &   Stacy Woehlke

5th & 6th Grade - Sherri Vogt

Confirmation     - Pastor Darrell Weber

High School      - Joshua Seidlitz   &   Jessica Seidlitz

Adult                 - Bill Savering

Substitutes       - Jonathan Arnold   &   Ginger Bourn